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“ESSERESTI” – Company event and philosphy of life

It’s been more than a month since the company party that every December closes the calendar year, we are now back to full working capacity after the Christmas holidays and we take this opportunity to draw some conclusions on our activities.

This year we deliberately decided to break the tradition of the Annual Meeting (with presentation of figures, graphs and trends, which better apply to the fiscal year ending at 30/06), usually followed by a formal Christmas Party, introducing a new type of event that deviates from purely traditional production activities, but which at the same time focuses on values and principles at the company’s core and beating heart: “ESSERESTI” (literally meaning “BEING STI”)

What is it about?

“ESSERESTI”: last December 21st we gathered 120 employees and collaborators from the three Italian branches of San Daniele del Friuli, Milan and Rome in the industrial location of the Udine Exhibition Centre “Padiglione delle Officine” for an informal open day, organized as an informative, relational and recreational event, conceived most of all to bring together all production, management and back office teams.
“Finally, I know you in person” in the age of Social Media is still an important value for us.


Four moments were on the agenda:

“THINK”: a moment of information and reflection, an Annual Meeting different from usual, with contributions from more than twenty colleagues about team working, excellence projects, challenges faced, hilarious or “dramatic” moments, critical issues, as well as new opportunities and initiatives on our horizon.

“GROW”: a cultural intervention in the field of Economic and Organizational Sociology by Professor Dario Eugenio Nicoli about each one’s role within a company, because in STI engineering we are not scared of new and alternative points of view.

“SHARE”: some play and chill spaces as an informal occasion to learn more about colleagues, desk-mates or “alter-egos” from other branches, finally outside the working environment, to share company values and to live an important aggregative and interchange moment.

“ENJOY”: a dinner “with the family”, crowning many moments lived together. This has been the occasion for reconciliation, meeting up, fun and entertainment, concluded by the STI Awards, traditional awarding ceremony for outstanding figures that have distinguished themselves over the year.


“E SE RESTI” (literally “IF YOU STAY”)
Stefano Massarino, CEO & Chairman of STI Engineering, ended the day a call to action and a challenge: since its birth, his company has always distinguished itself among the SMEs of region Friuli. Venezia Giulia (iItaly). Founded in the 90s and grown in the world, facing the efforts and challenges of a very competitive market and of an economic situation not always benevolent with small emerging companies, STI engineering has been able to get stronger and to improve in spite of criticalities.

To date, the company has a young and dynamic staff, though with decades of multidisciplinary experience behind, with excellences in specialized sectors, a structure that aims at standardization but that nevertheless offers maximum organizational flexibility according to customer needs and workflow, with lean decision-making processes and a unique dynamism.

STI engineering has become an engineering company with a multinational and multicultural personality, mixing local expertise with international standards:

  • BIM and Immersive reality as innovative work tools in non-stop development;
  • smart working and optimized exchange of human resources between Italian and foreign offices
  • company coaching to support the various functions
  • training aimed at continuous improving and update.

So this, and much more, is what awaits us in the future, because we are eager to grow and improve, we like to set the bar high and we love challenges!

Here’s a gallery of the day.