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ABMC’s Red Meat Integrated Project, Oman

The Al Bashayer Meat Co. S.A.O.C. has launched a project in 2017 for the construction of a world-class red meat integrated slaughtering and processing facility. The project is the first of its kind in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Al Bashayer Meat Co has the aim of becoming “the” Omani Trusted Meat Supplier.

Animals will be predominantly imported but expansion to a feedlotting and breeding facility has already been envisaged, besides further process of meat and byproducts to be sold in Oman and exported to the region and beyond.

Since the beginning of 2018 STI engineering, through the Omani office in Muscat and in collaboration with Hoehler+AlSalmy Architects and Engineers LLC, has been following the project as a Lead Consultant. The work team is also supported by the local Architectural Wall Systems LLC and Tenable, respectively for structural practices (Engineer of Record) and fire-fighting.

Thanks to this prestigious assignment, STI engineering will be able to prove once again its experience in the food & beverage industry, with more than 300 projects developed over almost 30 years of activity, in particular in the world of slaughtering and meat processing. Among our clients we mention important companies as Cremonini, Inalca, MARR, for which we have been developing plants in different parts of the world.

The site is located in Thumrait, in the Dhofar region, southern Oman, and covers a total area of 9,000,000 sqm, including 229,000 sqm of paved areas and roads, as well as a building surface of 55,000 sqm .
The complex includes a livestock area subdivided into Quarantine and Feedlot, of 363,000 sqm each  and designed to host 576 pens / 16,000 Cattle heads and 91,520 shoats.
The project also includes a 30,600 sqm slaughtering and meat processing facility with an expected production capacity that reaching impressive figures: 60 cattle heads and 450 shoat heads per hour, that is to say an annual production of 12,800 tons of cattle meat and 7000 tons of shoats meat.

Quarantine and Feedlotting
The complex has been conceived as a modern and well-organized farm, equipped with high-standard facilities. One of the most important aspects of the project is the very high hygiene and animal welfare level to be insured.
Cattle and shoats will be housed in clean spaces suitably conceived to ensure freedom of movement in accordance with the international standards on animal welfare. A permanent veterinary service and a high-quality feeding system will be provided.
Particular attention will be paid to local breeds, both for their uniqueness and for the consumers’ preferences, with the adoption of a specific breeding and fattening program that will allow the protection of the Omani breeds.

Slaughtering and Meat Processing
The meat processing is based on the highest standards of food hygiene and safety (HACCP and ISO) and the most modern methods of food processing currently in use in this field will be implemented in order to meet the Halal product certification requirements. This meat shall in fact undergo the ritual Halal slaughtering and subsequent processing, in compliance with the Islamic precepts and avoiding any forms of contamination, as well as suffering for the animal.

In addition to these products, the ABMC’s complex will also include a rendering plant for leather and by-products processing, to ensure maximum use of the cattle/shoat head, besides a wastewater treatment plant.

Offices and Camp
The complex will be home to the entire staff with a camp that can accommodate about 500 people and offers a canteen, a prayer room, outdoor areas and various services. The building giving access to the entire complex (2000 sqm) includes offices, reception, meeting and training rooms.

This is a really ambitious and exciting project that will involve STI Italy, STI Oman and all our collaborators involved in the design, specialized technical consultancy and construction supervision for the next 2 years and on which we will keep you updated on the pages of this website.
Stay tuned!

A ceremony for laying the first stone of the project will be held on Feb. 27th 2019.

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