About STI

A constantly evolving molecule

Why animate the company brand?
Entering our offices, both in the headquarters of San Daniele and in the brand new offices of Milan, one of the first things to be noticed is our Immersive Theater, emblem of  the technological evolution and innovative approach of STI engineering, a firm that has been completely transforming over twenty years  to become a dynamic, flexible and innovative company driven by a desire for continuous improvement.

With BIM and Immersive Reality as tools that have now become part of the everyday working activities, the key to our work is turning needs, data and information into live and interactive projects, in continuous development and improvement. At a certain point we thought of communicating this evolution also in our brand.


Sound on!


Atoms, molecules, bonds.
STI Engineering was born from a single visionary idea: “the dream of building something that lasts over time” as the corporate Vision mentions.  A drop in the sea. A dream then shared by a growing group of people over the years.
New work teams, new offices, new departments. Each one was able to bring his own knowledge, characteristics, experience and his own individual contribution to the formation of a more complex organic and multifaceted entity, aspiring to offer integrated technological solutions.

The integration of new elements and creation of new bonds has been the real driving force that transformed the originary studio, specialized in the automation, electrical and lighting sector, into a design and consultancy company, broading the offered disciplines to other technological systems (mechanical systems, piping, renewable resources, operations, etc.), up to eventually absorbing the structural and architectural skills of several civil teams and thus allowing STI engineering to become the multidisciplinary engineering company it is today.


Depicting an emotion
The concept behind this animation was entirely conceived by internal resources, with a brainstorming of ideas, in order not only to achieve a 3D graphic re-elaboration, but also to communicate the spirit that animates STI Engineering.
The need of the Marketing Office to update the company brand has been developed and turned into translated into graphics by a team of architects and modelers who were able to transform the message into three-dimensional images.
The skilful touch of a team of experts (Uponadream Studios) finally sealed the message inside the graphics.


Immersed in a world in constant evolution, STI Engineering wanted to rework its image as a complex and constantly evolving molecule.
A multi-faceted entity, founded on metal structures, concrete, with a complex architecture and a cutting-edge technological core, but with a true and organic heart, that continues to beat in pursuit of a dream.