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Our business unit dedicated to the Marine Division of STI Engineering is about to open. Mr. Roberto Cogoi, Managing Director of STI Marine, gives us some anticipation of this new adventure.


STI’s new office dedicated to the Marine Division is just about to open, what can you anticipate about this news?
STI Marine is a new division of STI Engineering specialized in naval plant design and consulting, started-up from the growing demand for specialized engineering services that has recently emerged in the world of cruise shipbuilding.
Operationally we actually started already in the last quarter of 2018, thanks to the acquisition of some important orders that involved a team of specialized MEP designers. At this point, we have decided to implement an entire division dedicated to this specific sector, both to better serve our customers and to focus on the specificity of this type of plant engineering.


Who will then work in STI Marine?
The office will be used by a group of designers partly consisting of our historical employees, who will bring their contribution in terms of standardization, corporate culture and MEP design experience deriving from other market segments, partly of experts in the naval field, who will contribute with its own specific experience of the sector, and finally by a share of new hires, always coming from the sector, in order to increase the skills at the service of engineering for cruise shipbuilding, which has recently seen an explosion of demand.


Indeed, the cruise ship sector is clearly growing and in Italy particularly, in spite of the dynamics that globally afflict the shipbuilding industry, what exactly is happening?
In recent years there has been an important decline in the sector of merchant container ships and bulk carriers, which has reached historic lows at a world level. If for passenger ships there has already been a slight recovery starting from 2017, the cruise ship sector is in sharp contrast, with the European shipbuilding industry driving the entire sector, ahead of giants like Japan, China and Korea that are struggling for affirmation on this market segment.

As early as 2016, the cruise sector had experienced a boom in orders, hence a definitely positive panorama for Europe, where Italy has a leading role mainly thanks to Fincantieri and the subsidiary Vard.
To quote some numbers, 123 cruise ships were registered in order last December, of which more than 50 in the portfolio of Fincantieri and Vard (source: Cruise Industry News)
This trend has been confirmed over 2017 and 2018 and, according to industry experts, this is also confirmed in the medium term.


Looking forward to entering the new offices in Trieste, then? Is it a strategic position?
Yes, artisans and installers are already at work under the supervision of the always precious Arch. Stefania Scarsini and Arch. Stefana Virgilio, who have studied an optimal solution for our staff in record time. Opening is expected within few days.
The office is located in Via Von Bruck, strategically at the centre of the naval world of Trieste with neighbours such as Fincantieri, Cartubi and Accademia Nautica dell’Adriatico.


For more information, please contact us at marine@sti-engineering.it