Civil works

Design and consulting services related to civil works are provided by a team of highly skilled architects and engineers operating in two distinct modes:

  • Independently and directly for CIVIL AND INFRASTRUCTURAL WORKS, mainly in the INDUSTRIAL FIELD.
  • In collaboration with ARCHITECTURAL companies in order to turn ideas into works, mainly in CIVIL CONSTRUCTION.

Design of spaces and solutions, choice of materials and technologies, cost control, consulting during purchase phase and construction are the services that STI can offer in this sector.


  • Earthworks and backfills
  • Roads and transport routes
  • Parking lots
  • Rainwater and groundwater management
  • Multipurpose facilities and landscaping


  • Layouts
  • Foundations
  • Elevations and partitions
  • Slabs and roofs
  • Cladding and facades
  • Doors and windows
  • Stairs, ramps, lifts and elevators
  • Ceilings and false ceilings
  • Floors and finishes


  • Layouts
  • Technical shafts and tunnels
  • Technical basements and foundations
  • Anchoring and supporting structures
  • Maintenance stairs and walkways