LIGHTING DESIGN is inspired by the analysis of several aspects and parameters.

Very often it is disci-plined by REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS, while at times it derives from PURE CREATIVITY. Therefore, in a certain way, it is a SYMBIOSIS OF LIGHTING ENGINEERING, CREATIVITY, EXPERIENCE AND COMMON SENSE, all connected by the individual vision of the light.
The right and rational blend of all these elements leads up to the development of LIGHTING CONCEPT DESIGN and, later, to the selection of LIGHTING FIXTURES, of the related OPTICS and of the LIGHTING SOURCES to be used.

Lighting design is developed in such a way as to ensure the VISUAL SAFETY and the USERS’ WELFARE providing an adequate quantity of LIGHT FLOW and creating adequate lighting conditions, so that any activities can be carried out in the most efficient and comfortable way.
The selected LIGHTING SYSTEMS and EQUIPMENT, PHOTOMETRIC DISTRIBUTION, LIGHT COLOR and therefore of the entire lighting engineering solutions have to be chosen based on the used technolo-gies and materials, in order to ensure COMFORT, ENERGY SAVING, FLEXIBILITY, SIMPLICITY OF INSTALLATION, and LOCAL MARKET AVAILABILITY.


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