Mechanical systems

STI engineering’s core business has always been TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, both in the CIVIL and INDUSTRIAL FIELDS, developed in various specific disciplines.


  • Radiant systems (radiators, floor or ceiling systems)
  • Air systems (fan-coils, cold beams and/or AHUs)
  • Steam production and distribution systems (for industry)
  • Hydrocarbon and biomass plants
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Cogeneration and tri-generation plants
  • Geothermal probes


  • Industrial refrigeration systems (gas, glycol)
  • Industrial freezing systems (oxygen, nitrogen, air)


  • Compressed air production and transport systems
  • Gas (oxygen, nitrogen, air) production and transport systems
  • Gas and combustible fluids (methane, LPG, diesel, solvents) transport and treatment systems


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