Structural design is the technical link connecting civil works and technological systems and therefore for STI it is a synergistic competence to provide the Customer with Integrated Technical Solutions.

A team of engineers with a long and specific experience leads the company’s structural design team and, thanks to specific computing software applications, are able to approach sizing of both dynamic and static structures.

STI structural team is able to design:

  • Iron structures
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Wooden structures

In addition to the structural design of CIVIL and INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS, STI is particularly specialized in the design of facilities dedicated to technological and process systems.

STI has a multi-year proven experience in the design of high SEISMIC RISK structures.


STI engineering has specific competences in:

  • Modular SKIDS
  • Pipe Racks
  • Raised platforms
  • Equipment bases and foundations
  • Pipe supports and supporting structures in general
  • Lifting and anchoring systems for transportation


AMV – Software Company
MASTERSAP – Structural Analysis of finished elements
ROBOT – Structural Analysis Professional
ENG – SIGMAc SOFT Calculation Modules and Verification for civil engineering