Generative Design

A sneak peek to the next future

More and more often we hear about Generative Design. What is it?

Generative Design is an iterative design process that involves:

  • An artificial intelligence, expertly guided by a programmer, that generates a certain number of outputs that meet certain basic constraints, for instance the laws of physics, regulations, etc., as well as project constraints, such as specific customer needs;
  • A designer, who validates the generated solutions and, based on his/her experience, identifies the best one for the analyzed context.

In this way the designer can take into consideration unthinkable solutions, that he himself could hardly design in a reasonable time. At the same time, the artificial intelligence learns from the designer’s choices.
It is therefore a quick method to explore the design possibilities used in complex design fields such as architecture, product design, communication design and art design.
Multidisciplinary design will be the next step, and STI engineering takes the challenge!

Why can Generative Design represent a turning point in design?

Today, to design, we use technology in a passive way, elaborating proposals and options connected to the experience and limits of human processing. With Generative Design the design options are multiplied.
This is because, at the same time a human intelligence processes a limited number of solutions, an Artificial Intelligence, analyzing all available data at the same time and processing them according to constraints and parameters, manages to generate hundreds, thousands.
In addition to saving time, it is thus possible to explore new solutions that would be difficult to rationalize by a human being, who is conditioned and limited by his/her own experience.

We talked about this in one of our recent posts on LinkedIn, which showed through some pictures the life of designers before Autocad takeover, when technical drawings were made on paper sheets using drawing tables or lying on the ground. As we said, it seems like a geological era has passed since. Actually, it was just 20 years ago. We now face the prospect of producing projects thanks to an artificial intelligence which potentially eliminates a huge percentage if the designer’s work.
Does Generative Design represent another technological leap forward?

Multidisciplinary Design will be the next step, and STI engineering accepts the challenge!
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