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Andrea Sivilotti introduces Kandinsky House

STI Engineering’s Project Manager Andrea Sivilotti, who has been working in Russia for long time, has followed the Kandinsky House Project for Customer Brusnica LLC.

Kandinsky House is a residential building located in Ekaterinburg – Sverdlovsky Oblast including luxury housing units. We asked Andrea Sivilotti to tell us about this experience and about the key elements that characterized this project.


What is the highlight of this project?

First of all, some important engineering criticalities must be underlined: elaborate architecture developed with design choices and uncommon materials that are not easy to find, as well as a very high level of finishing, that was not within the reach of local labor. Our purpose on the KH Project was to bring our experience of builders and site managers into a “virgin” environment, so to speak.

Brusnica LLC is a leading company in the field of public housing, but they have never been working on an “elite” or “luxury” project before Kandinsky House. They had no expertise or notion about services, utilities, finishes, materials and construction types necessary to carry out a similar project. Nonetheless, they had a great desire to learn, to grow and to listen to what we had to say and could teach them.

STI engineering took over in the running, the building was already designed and built, with all the difficulties deriving from a quick change of the project key stakeholders.

The concept design of external façades and part of the interiors had already been developed by leading international architects such as Martin Hyamo (general architecture), Lristian Lundwel (interior design) and Yonas Egger (external areas).
We have tried in every way not to distort the initial idea, while taking all actions to turn into construction what were just “ideas”, in fact.


What was the activity?

It was a Site Management service. Using a mixed Italian and Russian site staff, a great job was to try to give an organization to the managerial structure of the construction site itself: project coordination first and works coordination later on, careful supervision on all the construction phases, from procurement to construction works.


What were the most relevant aspects?

A big design work on site, including all construction details, has allowed to minimize complaints to suppliers.

A very good team work between our staff and the final customer and good trust placed on our expertise has made it possible to create a work that stands out in terms of construction quality on all the most important projects in the city.

Personally, during the three years I spent in Ekaterinburg, I have visited over forty high-profile buildings and building sites, and I can say with great confidence that today Kandinsky House emerges above all of the for the quality of the work and the level of finishes, starting from the façades made by a young and excellent company with whom we have been taking care of the smallest details.

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