STI Engineering continues its expansion in Latin America with the recent branch opening in Paraguay.

Alejandro Karles, General Director of STI Engineering Mexico tells us about the activity of STI Latin America over the last two years and some exciting news.

STI started its presence in Latin America two years ago with the opening of STI Engineering Mexico.
The decision of starting business in Latin America has been a result of a common desire shared by the current STI Mexico leaders and STI Engineering CEO: “Provide high quality engineering services based on competence, organization and innovation for markets that require engineering companies to get closer to the business and client’s needs”.

 STI Engineering Mexico start-up in 2017 in Mexico City.


Since STI commenced the first project in Mexico in June 2017, it has grown rapidly becoming one of the engineering leaders in the Mexico market for foreign investors. Examples of projects developed in Mexico in the past two years include multi-national company names such as: BMW, Unilever, Cargill, Valeo, Kromberg & Schubert, Bosch, Boehringer-Ingelheim, McCormick, Walmart, Wework and others.

STI Mexico’s business has been involving bigger and more complex projects in Mexico, requiring a larger professional workforce to deliver projects. Mexico is one of the larger economies in Latin America so, foreign investment from the US and Europe causes that many companies need qualified workforce and, also, office space and services are costly items in high demand.

This environment put our leaders to think in potential cost-effective solutions that give STI the chance to continue to grow in Mexico and the rest of Latin America without the risk of becoming under-staffed and/or overpriced.


The idea of a “High-Value / Low Cost” Engineering Center

STI business is based on people. Our professional staff is the fuel to run our engineering services machine.
The idea of developing a High-Value/Low Cost Engineering Center is a key step in ensuring that our “fuel” is available at the quality and cost we require to provide the services our clients need. This, along with STI dream of “building something that lasts in time and leaves tangible marks of one’s passage”, put us to work in finding the best location to make this happen.


Why Paraguay?

The availability of qualified, flexible/versatile, computer savvy, “low-cost” young professionals along with low taxes and reduced costs for office space and general expenses creates a perfect environment to develop a professional workforce that can serve Mexico and other future offices in Latin America out of Paraguay.
Even when Paraguay is a somehow a small economy in the Latin America region, it has been growing at a continuous pace with figures exceeding the average for the region. This clearly holds security for our business. The country’s stable economy is also resulting in growth of foreign investment in the industrial and infrastructure sectors.
In addition, the engineering market in Paraguay is very new: most companies are single discipline, small-size and do not have international experience, which creates an interesting opportunity for STI of rapidly becoming on of the engineering market leaders.


How we started

We have launched STI Engineering Paraguay Branch with young, proactive, ready-to-learn staff.
Through agreements with local universities we are exposed to the most capable recently graduated architects and engineers, presented as candidates to work with us. We continue expanding our cooperation with local universities, which are in favor of adding specific courses to their education plans in order to include knowledge to their graduates also based on STI’s requirements.
In the first phase, our small group of architects and engineers are being developed under the supervision and guidance of our Mexico leaders and are currently supporting the execution of projects in Mexico.
The next phase would include the participation of STI Italy in further developing their capabilities.

 STI Engineering Paraguay Team, febbraio 2019


Both Gladys Vega (General Director for STI Paraguay Branch and Office Manager of STI Mexico) and Alejandro Karles (General Director for STI Mexico) are very much connected with Paraguay.
Gladys is originally from and has grown in Paraguay and currently has family and many friends in Paraguay. Even when Alejandro is from Argentina, he is also deeply connected with Paraguay as well as their daughter has born there seven years ago.

Another branch of the large STI family, which is more and more international.

For more information, please contact us at: paraguaybranch@sti-engineering.mx